Wool crafting inspired by my own flock of Jacob Sheep.

I fell in love with Jacob Sheep more than 2 decades ago and am thankful for how my beloved Jacob Sheep have enriched my life in more ways than I can express. I learned to spin yarn, weave, locker-hook rugs, craft Wee Little Sheep , and so much more because I not only love my sheep, but love working with their wool.

Keeping my sheep is a passion, but passions need to be fed, and sheep need to eat . This is a circular passion for me. Because I love my sheep I want to feed them. To afford to feed them I need to earn money to buy alfalfa hay and the few other requirements needed to keep a flock healthy. I raise my sheep keeping in mind I need their wool to craft items to sell to earn money to buy alfalfa to feed them so they grow their fleeces to be sheared so I can craft with my wool to sell to earn money to feed them... I think you get the picture. This is a lot of work , but work I love. ( Can it really be called "work" then ? )

My flock is still a joy to me, and spinning & weaving their wool a pleasure I never take for granted. My flock is a blessing and their wool the reward of a year's worth of tending , all to produce yarn, rugs, little sheep, weavings, felted balls, and so much more !

Thank-you for taking time to check out my shop.

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