A glimpse of my spotted sheep and some of what is produced from their wool.

Gallery of my spotted sheep, my shop, and my wool craft.

SMILE ! This ram lamb is waiting for his crackers.

One of our Jacob rams under our sign.

'Wee Little Sheep'. The sheep may be left unadorned or if you prefer I can tie a simple bit of raffia around their necks . If you wish, you can choose any of the neck adornments in the pictures shown . If no preference is stated on orders of the little sheep I tie a silver or gold bell attached to raffia around their necks.

Another choice for your Wee Little Sheep adornment is tiny Christmas balls.

Sheep may be adorned with little Christmas lights.

The Wee Little Sheep may have shiny gold or silver bells like these.

The Wee Little Sheep may have rustic bells such as these, these bells are smaller and look rusty , or "primitive".

The little sheep are lined up and ready for their neck adornments.

I've begun making many more little sheep for the Christmas season. The little sheep are perfect for most family Nativity Scenes.

My little 'Spotted Sheep Shop' nestled in front of our home situated in beautiful Eastern Washington surrounded by forested mountains and hills.

I am holding the first lamb born this year ( 2018 ) !

Newborn lamb. I raise Jacob Sheep and love this time of year when the lambs are born !

Table runner handwoven by me . I weave my hand-spun wool yarn, wool rovings, and sometimes fabric strips... whatever strikes my fancy when I begin warping the loom , often depending on the stacks of what is most needing to be used ! ( There is only so much space to store piles of fabric and bags of wool.)

I am always spinning up yarn from the wool of my spotted sheep. I dye it myself . Often I use my hand spun yarn for weaving items on my floor loom. Much of my yarns is sold at the local Farmer's Market , much of it I use myself.

Wool dryer balls also make wonderful baby and cat toys. For your cat simply spritz the balls with catnip spray and watch your cat enjoy. ( Each ball has a jingle inside .)

Wool dryer balls. Just add the scent of your choice and plop them into the dryer with your wet clothes and they'll help keep the laundry separated and decrease the static cling while your laundry dries.

A little flock just completed.

The shepherd is 6 " tall . These little sheep are also perfect for Nativity scenes / putz / creches.

I make the Wee Little Sheep in many different color variations. They can be all white or show the classic black face & white wool of many breeds of sheep. I also craft them with gray, black and brown wool, and sometimes give them black spots.

Wee little sheep used in a table-top arrangement for spring.

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