Black & White Lambskin / Rug


Black & white lambskin from our home raised flock of Jacob sheep. The lambskin is soft, beautiful, and washable. It was professionally tanned.

This lambskin is 39" X 25". The dramatic black & white spotting and patches make this lambskin a nice addition to home decor, especially rustic or Scandinavian.

We use our lambskins here at home as chair and bench coverings, they add warmth and comfort to our wooden seating.

The washable lambskin ( washing instructions included with lambskin) can easily be combed out with a simple kitty brush when the wool gets matted from much use.

Lambskin ~ $175.00


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I want you to be pleased with the products I make from the wool of my sheep.If there is a problem with anything you purchase please contact me via e-mail and allow me the opportunity to remedy it.

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